Krystal Resort Cancun Shares Three Scams You May Encounter When Traveling

Krystal Resort Cancun Scams Prevention Team knows that going on vacation is great for a number of reasons. Traveling somewhere new allows people to become immersed in a new culture where they will learn more about other cities and countries. Traveling also gives people the opportunity to create lasting memories with their friends and family. While vacations are meant to be fun and relaxing, it is important that people be aware that there are many scams out there when traveling. These are some of the most popular scammers to watch out for on your next vacation.

  • Photographer: While on vacation, tourists take many pictures of all the wonderful attractions in the area. They will often want themselves in the picture and may be looking for someone to take a photo of them and their loved one. A local may come up to you while you are taking pictures and ask if they can snap a photo for you. There are two possible outcomes for this scam. The photographer will either ask you for money for taking the picture or take your camera and quickly run away.
  • Music artist: This scam not only happens when traveling, but can happen in your hometown as well. In popular tourist attractions or at busy shopping malls, someone will come up to you and ask if you would like to take one of their CDs that they have been working on. Before you agree and take it, they will then say that you need to give them money first. If you don’t, they may hassle you until you oblige.
  • Cabdriver: Krystal Resort Cancun Scams Prevention Team shares that there are many scams that can involve a cab driver. One of them involves drivers taking off with your luggage. After dropping you off to the airport or your hotel, they may unload your suitcases and then quickly leave. The reason for this is that they took one of your smaller bags before you could notice.

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